Aug 162012

Seriously, look what I made:

It’s been a while, yeah? I’m sorry. I’ve been consumed by a whirlwind romance. No, not with my boyfriend.

Confession: I’ve been cheating on Trevor with a Brother.

Urm … a Brother machine. Brother XR6060 Sewing Machine.

Her name is Lola. She is a showgirl.

Ain’t she a beaut?

Sometimes, we stay up all night making beautiful things together. It’s love.

No really though. I’ve developed an obsession. Since I sliced into my first length of clover-green jersey knit cotton in April and created a dress so tiny it looked like my ass needed its own zip code, I’ve been on something of a rampage. I lost count of how many things I made, but it’s enough to carry me through a couple weeks without wearing something I bought from the store.

It seemed like I ought to be chronicling my misadventures as a twenty-something amateur seamstress with zero sense of style and an occasionally manic (literally) work ethic.

I thought about launching a separate blog devoted to sewing for several reasons:

  1. All the cool kids do it.
  2. Anonymity is nice. I should know. I’m a bureaucrat.
  3. Here is a Venn Diagram:

    Does my Dad know what a rolled hem is?

  4. Apparently no one has taken the blog names “Seam Tripper*” or “Small Lust Adjustment**”, and I’m a sucker for a good pun.

But hell, I’ve never been a cool kid and the lion’s share of people find my site by searching for naked photos of an embattled journalist/stripper, so I’ve got nothing to lose. Sewing blog posts shall make their home here.

So without further ado, I present my two latest creations:

Simplicity 2219

This was my foray into sewing a relatively complex pattern for a knit fabric. I think it turned out pretty swell, even though the elastic waist gave me a hell of a time because I’m an idiot and only left it a teeny, tiny seam allowance to call home. This is a knit I got from, but honestly … an ITY I think, but I’m honestly not sure. It’s out of stock now, so I can’t go back and check. Sry ya’ll.

Check out the review at right here***.

McCall’s 6433

This was my second crack at this pattern. The first was a purple monstrosity that only remains in my closet because I’m afraid to look at it again. Things went much more smoothly this time around. I didn’t pay much attention to centering/matching the pattern at all, though, and I regret it. I think this could’ve turned out a lot better if I’d been more careful. BUT WHATEVS. I COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES. CUT OUTSIDE THE PATTERNS. Or something.

On the bright side, I KILLED the invisible zipper. (In case you’re thinking about makin’ this one, no worries – the pattern actually calls for a regular zip. I just felt frisky.)

Fabric is a rayon challis from, also outta stock now.

PatternReview take here.


That’s all for now. Stay classy folks.

* and ** = plays on “seam ripper” and “small bust adjustment” for the non-sewers out there. Heh. Heh. It’s okay to groan.

*** = I’ll write about the glory of soon, but suffice it to say, it’s equal parts awesome and bizarre. Total ‘90s layout. Users run the gamut from retired ladies making frilly frocks for grandchildren to chicks I’d love to join at the tattoo shop sewing costumes for their next burlesque gig.

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