May 142013
It puts the lotion on its skin or else it ... reads the blog again?

Oy! Update yer bookmarks. (Or follow my blog at the right address with Bloglovin!) I’ve got a new URL and a new lease on life!

Actually, it’s just the URL. My life still has a lot of time left on the lease. I think I put too many quarters in the meter again. #karmicfail (Note to self: Past Life Parking Spaces should be the name of one of those books I’ll never get around to writing.)


You’ll find my sleep-deprived ass at from here on out!

Another place you can find me? With CREST DC — the DC region’s Etsy shopkeeper group. One of them, at least.  I’m genuinely looking forward to meeting with fellow artsy-craftsy-create-stuff types in the DC region. There’s a sad side to living in a place with so much ambition concentrated in so few square miles. I’ve said it before. Free spirits and artists generally thrive in places where iconoclasm and dont-give-a-fuckery prevail … and there’s just not much breathing space for that kind of nonsense here. Though I do wonder just how many tattoos are hiding underneath all these suits.

Moving right along.

I was going to kick off this post with something about a metamorphosis … how over the weekend, my blog shed its patheti-sad rebecca-delaney-couldn’t-get-the-dot-com-so-she-settled-for-dot-net cocoon and emerged as a lovely sewciopathic DOT COM butterfly.

Then I realized my sudden urge to talk about moths and declare “HEY EVERYONE, I’M SOCIOPATHIC” probably had to do with my boyfriend watching Silence of the Lambs while I took a nap yesterday.

This, I decided, was not a good way to begin a blog.


Q: … Rebecca. Isn’t that sort of how you started your post anyway?

A: Well, yeah, but I said it was a bad idea. I didn’t say anything about not doing it.

Q: Oh, so this is like the time you said getting an ironic tattoo was a stupid idea and then got the word “ironic” tattooed on your wrist?

A: It was that or the shop’s surprise tattoo of the day.( Spoiler alert: It’s a penis. Surprise!)

Q: Aren’t you worried about people being never again reading your blog without thinking of Hannibal Lector?

A: I have REAL things to worry about, like how many people keep finding my site because they googled “gay hamster”.

Q: Wait. How does that happen?

A: I think it might be because I wrote about my dead gay hamster.


Annnnnd we’re gonna pull this bad boy back in before I run too far off the rails to recover. Long story short, I now can’t think of my blog  without also thinking “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.” And now, neither can you.




It puts the lotion on its skin or else it ... reads the blog again?

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it … reads the blog again?

Best friends forever!
This was *supposed* to be a normal blog post talking about new features and content on the horizon, but you know what they say about mice and men making plans and shit.


Speaking of failure and of things that start with the letter “M”, you know the Me Made May deal I briefly got all excited about? Well, I’ve worn something homesewn every day this month, but I overlooked the part where no one knows if you don’t take pictures.


Actually, I didn’t gloss over that that. I ignored the fact that I hate taking pictures. I’m not wild about shooting them, since I’m a lousy photographer. I’m even less fond of being IN photos. That’s why, when I do pose for self-timed shots, they end up looking like this:


I forgot this happened. I should review this pattern. Uh, short version? New Look 6609 = recommend.

I forgot this happened. But then I found it while looking for pictures that illustrate how much a suck at doing pictures. Posted a belated review of this pattern at Pattern Review. Another couple shots here and here. Uh, short version? New Look 6099 = recommend.

Yeahhhh, I’m pretty much the only Fonz School of Modeling student ever to win a midwestern teen pageant. In sum, taking selfies ranks up there with getting waxed or getting waterboarded  on my list of pleasant ways to spend a sunny May afternoon. For that reason, I’m throwing in the Me Made May towel.


BUT. On a somewhat related note, I’m movin’ on to happier news about stuff you can look for here in the near future!  I’m aiming to see if I can’t get the ball rolling a bit on this blog — semi-regular posts, tutorials, how-tos, lists … stuff like that. You know. Useful things. I could keep using this as my personal padded room, but company’s awfully nice. Anyway, here are a couple ideas I’ve been kicking around.

– DIY Style Profiles

Creeping around MMM ’13 posts online reminded me that I’ve always wanted to highlight some of the badass fashion I see floating around the sewing/knitting/handmaking/general-DIY sphere. I *could* sniff out candidates on my own, but I’d LOVE volunteers/nominations. The perfect profile? Anyone who uses crafty talents to help cultivate a personal style you couldn’t cobble together from even the coolest store. Hit me up in the comments or via email if you have suggestions!


– Contest/Sewalong/Awards

If an of ya’ll have seen some of my posts in the past, you know I’m not ashamed to dress like an asshole. I also LOVE ugly and outrageous quilting cottons, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I feel like, given that I’m actually named Rebecca, a Becky-Homecky Quilting Cotton award/sewalong/contest needs to happen. Yeah?


– Where the $#@& can I find…

This feature’s gonna be pretty simple. My loss of a career path is your gain! (Take that, journalism!) Years spent reporting, copy editing and fact checking left me with a mostly untapped capacity to dig up impossible-to-find stuff online. Desperately seeking lambswool interlining? I know a guy. Need a hookup for garment leather under $3.50 a square foot? You’re golden.


Plus, I’ll get back to doing more pattern reviews and spotlighting stuff I designed for the shop. Now that I’ve got the store up and running and this site back in solid shape, I can get back to the kind of things I actually enjoy — making stuff and writing about it.  … Also, making gratuitous references to Anthony Hopkins films.

Off to gather my remains of the day! (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

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